Report from Occupy Oakland: morning of 25 October 2011

I’ve been meaning to get around to throwing up a blog or a website of some sort for a while, but was spurred into action this evening because I needed a place to repost the following first-hand account of #OccupyOakland’s eviction this morning (Tuesday 25 October 2011).

The author is a friend of my partner who (for now) would prefer to remain anonymous on the Open Internet; in the event that person’s feelings change, I’ll update this post accordingly. I’ve reposted the message in its original state, without edits or changes.

Please circulate widely:

“What the news is telling you about the Occupy Oakland raid is not the whole truth. I was there for every single minute of it. At 5 am approx 3-400 police surrounded the plaza in full riot gear and gave everyone 5 mins to exit. I moved to just outside the barrier they established because I am not in a position where I can get arrested right now. Myself and approx 15-20 other protesters (one legal observer from the national lawyers guild) were facing approx 30 police in riot gear and witnessing the “eviction.”

“It was brutal. Over 300 police in full riot gear fired tear gas, rubber bullets and flash bombs. They arrested over 90 people. Then, the 90 pound hippy chick right next to me was thrown to the pavement by a baton and she did NOTHING (we were outside of the plaza, mind you). I spoke loud and clear and reminded him that he attacked an unarmed WOMAN! Then they started pushing us back with barricades and when we didn’t move as fast as they wished, they began grabbing people and trying to drag them over the fences. There was a struggle and then they came from behind the barricades swinging clubs and arresting everyone they could get their hands on… Slamming their faces into the concrete… many of them women. I barely got away. And when I asked them why were these people arrested, they said, ‘I don’t know… my superior ordered me, so I did.’ They shut down the entire downtown with police barricades. Buses and the 12th st Bart Station were shut down. They DESTROYED EVERYTHING in the camp… this was no eviction.

“When those of us left regrouped and started a march in the streets to shut down broadway, another formation came and more arrests were made. I could go on. It was insane. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. You might wanna think about calling someone and saying something.
Word is they are holding arrestees on a $10,000 bail until their arraignment on Thursday.
Call Mayor: 510.238.3141
Alemeda County Sheriff: 510.272.6878
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